agenda :: 1/22

Photo by Susie Kim

Photo by Susie Kim

1. writing warm-up :: we will often have a writing warm-up prompt at the beginning of the day to introduce a topic or issue, or just to get our minds limber. challenge yourself to address following question to the best of your ability for the next 10 minutes. push yourself to keep writing for the full 10 minutes even if you feel like you’re running out of steam. we will share parts of these writings later to start a discussion. what is literacy?

2. what is literacy? let’s share our responses to this question and see if we can come up with an agreed upon definition together.

3. tech intros: A+D camcorders :: take careful notes and ask questions – this stuff is very important to remember!

4. introduction to wordPress setting up your journal

  • setting up a new blog
  • pages vs. posts
  • customizing in the dashboard/themes, choosing a title.
  • student blog #1 :: student blog #2 :: student blog #3 :: student blog #4 :: all good examples, you can do a lot to personalize your blog and still meet the  requirements!
  • once your blog is set up, create your first post your with your completed “100 questions” assignment. create another with today’s writing warm-up on the topic of literacy. with any extra time, start customizing your title, theme, and layout.

5. screening ::  paris through pentax (~2 min)

  • a few thoughts on photo composition :: when you’re taking pictures, video, or anything through a lens, you are trying to fit a 3-dimensional, 360 degree world into a rectangular frame. there are simple principles you can use to make your photos fit this frame better and look more appealing.

6. shooting exercise 

  • using your camera brought from home, cell phone, or camera from the check out window, take some time to walk in and around the grounds of the building and shoot 10 still frame shots (or some short video clips) of things in and around the building that catch your eye. try your best to get comfortable seeing and framing the world through the rectangular “eye” of the camera. this is likely different from how you normally see things, and the key to taking compelling photographs is having a good sense of visual composition. we’ll talk more about some tricks you can use later, but for now just experiment and see what you come up with. one of these photographs should be a “self portrait”, however you may interpret that term.
  • when you’re done, come back to the room and upload your photos to your computer.

7. back to wordpress :: creating an image gallery in a post

  • using these photos, let’s walk through how you can post them to your blog as an image gallery. this will be necessary in an upcoming homework assignment.

homework: should be posted to your blog by 9pm on monday, jan 26! 

  1. 10 things i saw today :: one of the most important aspects of authorship in any form (video, writing, photography) is to communicate to an audience how you see/perceive the world. someone who grew up in a high rise condo in the city would see the world differently than a kid who grew up on a farm. in this assignment, your task is to reflect on and document what you see. the 10 things I see today project was designed to help students begin to explore how the frame of the camera can be used to document perception and communicate visually as well as getting studentes into the habit of really SEEING the world around you. so, for the next 7 days you are assigned to document 10 things you see. you must capture 10 things everyday for 7 days (getting into the habit is important) and post them on your blog. you can make 7 posts, or make a large page with all 7 days. the organization is up to you, but remember, the presentation of your ideas is important both visually and in content – are you finding interesting things that you perhaps would not have noticed before? you can document the “10 things” through either photos or video clips. you should be on day 5 by monday night, you will continue this project next week for the remaining two days.
  2. email me a link to your wordpress blog by monday 9pm. by this point, you should have your 100 questions, a writing warm-up, reading response, and some photos from your 10 days assignment. continue refining this blog, making it more visually appealing, personalized, and easy to navigate. again, this is where i check and respond to your homework, so make sure you get a good handle on how it works. practice posting and organizing with your “10 things” images. i should get a sense about who you are simply by visiting your blog!
  3. read :: The Language of Film by Michael Wohl (click on link to access the article). 
  • write an extensive written summary of the shots and other techniques Wohl discusses in the article and short notes to remind you of what each shot/term entails. in your writing, be specific, paraphrase or write in your own language, and demonstrate to me that you understand the differences between and purposes for using various shot types and techniques (you will use this list for an in class activity on tuesday). post to your blog.
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