agenda :: 1/27

Photo by Xianhao Sun

Photo by Xianhao Sun

video warm-up:  a vertical video psa

  • this is one of the most common mistakes i see from students early on that can make your project seem a lot less polished and professional. make sure if you shoot footage with your phone, hold it sideways! you and i both will be a lot happier with the results. but if you happen to become afflicted with vvs, the good news is there’s a cure.

q&a: any blog difficulties? or any questions in general 

show and tell: just like in grade school, we’re going to go around the table and every gets a chance to show one or two of the photos you have taken for the “10 things I saw today” exercise over the past few days. take a few minutes to look through your shots and pick one that you really like, whether it is for the composition or content in the picture. be ready to explain what the photo is of, how you encountered it, and why you thought it was important to document.

recapping module 1: amended outline and video projectsschedulegrading rubric

discussion: language of film” :: let’s talk a bit about the major points of this article and how they will relate to your group video project.

introducing video project i: “the language of film” group project and demo reels – this will be your first chance to work with video during this class. it’s a pretty open ended assignment that you should have fun with, but also explore the mechanics of the different shooting and editing techniques you read about in the article assigned last week. you’re going to be working with a group, so it will be necessary for you to cooperate with your partners to plan and complete this project. however, it will also have an individual component to the assignment (your personal demo reel) that will demonstrate your specific contributions to the bigger project. let’s look again at the info for video project i.

group work time: we’re going to divide you into groups at random and give you plenty of time today to start mapping out your ideas for the larger project and how you will satisfy your individual requirements in the piece. take some time to talk, delegate someone to take notes or draw out some pictures or diagrams to guide your planning. don’t leave today until you’ve settled upon an idea and a clear plan of what everyone is responsible for producing.

screening: this american life, “pandora’s box”


  1. 10 Things I Saw Today (continued) all 7 days are due on your blog by wednesday 1/28 at midnight
  2. start collecting footage for video project i (can combine w/ #1 above, as long as it is video); come to class on thursday with some of your footage collected and ready to be edited into the larger group piece during class time.
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