agenda :: 1/29

Photo by Grace Jang

Photo by Grace Jang

writing warm-up: write for 10 minutes about your daily habits, patterns, or rituals. what kinds of routines are common in your daily life?

imovie demo: 

  • event library vs. project panel
  • importing material
  • trimming/adjusting time
  • ken burns effect
  • titles, effects, transitions
  • audio tracks
  • exporting or sharing directly to youtube

screening: film riot, camera techniques for better filmmaking(7 min) he talks really fast, so let’s go over this stuff in more detail. shot types are defined by:

  • distance :: long shot, medium shot, medium close-up, close-up, extreme close-up
  • angle :: low angle, high angle, birds eye view, oblique (dutch) angle
  • camera movement :: pan, tilt, dolly shot, crane shot, handheld
  • other techniques :: masking (framing), focal length, depth of field

group work: because you’ve got your first video project deadline coming up on tuesday, i’m going to give you the rest of the class period to work here with your groups. think about putting the project together in four steps:

  • pre-production: first, check back in with your group. pull up any footage you shot for today on your computer and share it with your group members. offer each other feedback on how it captured the desired shot type or sequence.
  • map out which shots from the group’s idea have been shot and which still need to be completed. if there are gaps that need to be filled before starting editing, take a camera and work as a group to
  • production: complete all missing shots – make sure the person responsible for the shot is doing the framing and camera operation. you may go outside or around the area to shoot. if your shot requires you to go far from the art building, check with me before going.
  • post-production: when shooting is done, return back to the classroom to check in with me.
  • choose someone in your group to be the master editor on their computer, or you may go upstairs to work together on one of the lab computers if you wish. make sure everyone’s footage is uploaded to whatever computer you are using, and start to piece it together in iMovie or the editor you chose!
  • reflection/distribution: once everyone’s footage is put together, watch the piece and discuss what still might need to be fixed. pay attention to the pacing of shots and cuts, continuity of sequences, and the overall narrative of the piece. spend more time cleaning up some of the problems.
  • when everyone in the group is satisfied with the results, export your project as an .mp4 or .mov file, upload to youtube and post a link on your blog. it should automatically embed the video. check back in with me and show me what you’ve gotten done before you leave. if your group hasn’t finished by the end of the day, make plans to finish together sometime before tuesday.


  1. read “Your Creative DNA” by Twyla Tharp, available on library e-reserveswrite a 250 word minimum response to this reading that reflects on Tharp’s distinction between the terms “zoe” and “bios”. she uses these terms to explain different ways of seeing the world and creating art. what do you take to be the differences between these two perspectives? would you describe yourself as fitting into either category? write in detail, be specific, and use examples if possible to demonstrate your point. you should attempt to access it today, it sometimes takes time to allow you access to the readings. otherwise, if you wait until the last minute, you may be out of luck.
  2. continue work on video project i with your group. remember that everyone should share in the effort to edit it together. by tuesday, you should have all of your footage shot, imported to your computer, and ideally have it edited together. there will be a brief amount of time at the beginning to make final adjustments before screening at the end of class.
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