agenda :: 2/3

video warm-up: blu, “big bang big boom”

group work: get back together with your groups and finish up video project i. all footage should be shot, and you should ideally have pieced together a few things. use the next hour to put the rest together as a group. once you are finished, export and upload to youtube or vimeo, and post a link on your blog. if your group is done with editing and ready to screen, take the time to work on your demo reel for the project.

group screenings: let’s watch everyone’s group project and offer some quick feedback! don’t pay so much attention to the storyline, but rather the technical issues at hand. how is the quality of the shots? did they seem to get the idea of when and how to use different shot types and sequences? what could be improved upon? during critiques we keep the dialogue friendly, but constructive. it’s all part of the process for making better work!

brief discussion: your creative DNA

  • zoe vs. bios – different ways of seeing the world

introduction to video project ii: due february 10 in class!

Summary :: Create a 20-35 second (no longer!) video using a pre-existing or custom soundtrack. In this project, you should demonstrate a continued exploration of how to use the language of film to express your interpretation of the sound score chosen, as well as explore the creative process of making your ideas into a tangible work of video art.

More information here!

a few terms you should know:

diegetic sound – sound taking place in the environment of the scene, what the character is hearing. this includes dialogue.

non-diegetic sound – anything that is not diegetic, such as score music, voice-over, etc.

A few student examples :: kelley, susie, edwin


  • finish up the demo reel of your own individual work. please have this uploaded to youtube or vimeo and post a link to your blog by the end of the day on wednesday at midnight. since we’re likely letting out a bit early, it would be wise to use this time to finish this requirement for video project i if you haven’t.
  • written reflection :: in 7-10 sentences reflect on the shooting process. some ideas to get you started are: what was your favorite part of the process (organizing, acting, working with the camera, brain storming) and what part of the process did you feel was a challenge. how did the groups story change or evolve during the process of shooting. what was your role in the group and how would you describe the group dynamic. anything else that is of note.

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