agenda :: 2/12

warm-up: check one last time to make sure your video project ii is uploaded to youtube and available on your blog!

screenings: let’s show what we’ve come up with for video project ii! at this time, we will take turns coming to the front of the class and pulling your video up for everyone to watch. we will only watch each project once to make sure things keep moving along. i’ve added a little structure to our feedback session today, though. after a person has shown, the people seated on either side of him or her will be responsible for offering their feedback first before we open the dialogue up to the rest of the group. remember to be specific if your feedback, paying attention to the relationship between the form and the content of the piece.


  • in 250 words, reflect on your process from video project ii. what things were different about this process than in the first project? was it easier or more difficult for you? how do you feel your piece turned out, and what was some of the helpful feedback you received during critique?
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