agenda :: 2/19

reading warm-up: take a few minutes as you settle in to pull up and read through this link, which explains a number of motifs used not just in one film, but all the films of the director Wes Anderson.

motif screenings:

  • student examples :: jill; jordan; ruby; nicole; kelley;
  • coffee and cigarettes (2003) :: somewhere in california; delirium
  • Wes Anderson is one of my favorite, most stylized directors. He is known for using strong visual and conceptual motifs to create an cohesive and unique world for the viewer all of his movies (maybe too obviously, his style is very distinctive and some have criticized his movies for looking too similar – i personally love it). Pay attention to how he frames the subjects, the colors he uses, camera movements, etc. As we watch these clips from a few of his movies, we’re going to play Wes Anderson Bingo. You have my permission to keep your computer open for this, but only to mark off the tiles as you notice them! Avoid the urge to check email/chat.
    • The Royal Tenenbaums (opening excerpt, 15min)
    • Rushmore (opening excerpt, 7min)
    • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (“the belafonte” excerpt, 3min)
    • Moonrise Kingdom (opening excerpt, 21min)

group meetings: get together with a few people near you, and as a group talk together about the course you’ve taken for the motif project. share any footage, sketches, or your brainstorming activities in order to offer each other feedback. is the motif clear? does it help reinforce any kind of mood, feeling, or message of the piece? what other audio/video motifs might relate to this big idea?


  • finish video exercise iii: motif – these will be screened in class on tuesday, as we have done with the last two projects. make sure they are uploaded and posted to your blog so we can move quickly through them.
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