agenda :: 2/24

motif screenings: time to show your final projects of module 1! as usual, we’ll give everyone a chance to show their work, and we will respond accordingly with polite and insightful feedback.

introduce module 2:

  • next week we’re moving forward into module 2, the art of the real. you’ll be taking everything you’ve learned so far and using it to create a longer, more sophisticated piece about someone or something you do not know much about already. this is a fun project that will involve a lot of freedom, but also will require you to work more independently over a longer period of time. in this module, we’ll be looking at the artist’s process of inquiry more closely and following four phases of production: pre-production, production, post-production, and reflection.


  • on your blog, respond to your experience in module 1 in writing (~250 words). write in as much detail as possible about 3 things you learned in the first three projects and how you came to this understanding. for starters, was it something that happened in class, in discussion with your groups, or out on your own while working? why was this important to learn, and will it be useful moving forward? due on your blog on wednesday by 11:59pm
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