agenda :: 2/26

writing warm-up: if you could have dinner with any 3 people (living or not, real or fictional), who would they be and why? what would you want to ask them?

explain and discuss module 02. talk about journaling/production template and module 02 grading rubric. our project screenings this time will be broken up into two sessions. your final piece will be due march 31st or april 2, according to this alphabetical list.

  • march 31: shannon, yuxiang, jesse, grace, mi so, fanwen, wangsoo, haley, jun, kelsey
  • april 2: kimmi, xianhao, ian, seri, saina, don, jason, tingnan, sophia, connie, yuhe

screenings:  a few student examples :: tonyhan-julaurenyingfudarrenaustin

group brainstorm: talk briefly with your group about any initial ideas you might have for your module 2 project. toss out as many interesting things you’ve noticed on campus, comb through the events in the daily illini or campus calendar, discuss personal connections you may have to help others in finding their subject. think about things happening on or near campus that you’ve always wanted to know more about – pick something interesting to you, but that you know little about. have a first choice for your idea, but also make sure you have a backup plan. by tuesday, you should have come to a decision and made contact with your top idea. they might say no or your schedules might not mesh, that’s why its good to have a plan b!

if you’re stuck, it’s always a good idea to look through other resources to find out what’s going on around you that might be worth documenting. here’s a few places to start: daily illini around campus section, the buzz magazine, uiuc calendar, smile politely


  1. reading :: Getting Lost by Tim Cahill (on library e-reserves)
  2. getting lost: i believe that disrupting our routines from time to time can be a major benefit to our creativity. most days we have our schedules planned out to the minute, take the same paths to class, encounter the same people and surroundings, and essentially stop paying attention to what’s around us. take the rest of the class period and do the following:
    1. for one hour “get lost.” following the spirit of this reading, and thinking of this whole class as a little journey into the unknown, get lost somewhere in or near C-U. have an adventure. walk in a neighborhood you’ve never visited. take a bus to the edge of town. drive south for 20 minutes. explore a campus building you’ve never been in before, open unlocked doors. hang out at the train station or a hospital. talk to strangers or take a vow of silence, assume a fictitious identity.  try not to have too much of a purpose. don’t do anything responsible like study for another class, your laundry, etc. be prepared to tell us a little bit about your trip when you return after the hour is up. your only requirements are:
    2. you cannot use any electronic devices (computers, phones, ipods, ipads, etc.), unless you’re taking a photo or video. honor system.
  3. getting lost journal :: in no less than two lengthy paragraphs describe what it was like to “get lost.” some questions that you might want to consider when writing about your experience are :: what did you see, or recognize as normal?  what surprised you, made you curious?  what made you anxious, nervous, or comfortable?  how did you decide what to do?
  4. come to class on tuesday having made contact with your first choice for the module 2 project, and ready to dive into the “pre-production” part of the production process.
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