agenda :: 3/5

video warm-up: ira glass on storytelling (part 1) and (part 2)

Interview a fellow classmate somewhere in the building (30 min):

  1. select a partner, and go out into and around the building to find an interesting place to shoot an interview. find a good “background” that helps the interview footage look more compelling. think carefully about framing, lighting, etc.
  2. explain that they will use the interview questions they prepared for homework to interview each other. they should take their laptops and use their iSight cameras to record the interview. remind them that shot composition, location, lighting, etc should all be considered with care. if you accidentally wrote your interview questions specifically for another person who isn’t here, interview your partner about their major, or a topic of your choice.
  3. come back to the room in 30 minutes.
  4. MAKE SURE THAT YOU SAVE YOUR FOOTAGE AND HAVE IT ON YOUR COMPUTER; this material will be used in a later class.


  • burt’s buzz (excerpt)
  • jiro dreams of sushi (excerpt)


  • finish the pre-production segment of the production journal in full, according to the idea you are pursuing for your “art of the real” project. write in as much detail as possible, it will make it a lot easier on yourself to plan ahead! due on your blog by monday at 11:59pm.
  • read “Ch. 21: The Documentary Interview” by Barry Hampe, available on library e-reserves. This will direct you to a different publishing service, SIPX, it’s confusing but let me know if you have trouble accessing the file. This reading is packed full of advice that will help you a great deal when conducting an interview on camera. Read through it carefully, and keep a list of 10 bits of advice that caught your attention. Explain briefly how each piece of advice might relate to your own project. Post to your blog by monday at 11:59 pm as well.


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