agenda :: 3/17

writing warm-up: are documents (news articles, documentary films, etc) always truthful? when you encounter something (like a news article, video, etc.), how do you know when it is a trustworthy source? what are some challenges you as an author might face in creating a “truthful” text? 

misrepresentation exercise: (30 min) go back and review the footage you shot last class of the 10-question interview you did with your partner. create a quick 1-2 minute rough cut in which you completely MISREPRESENT the statements of that person. this activity is meant to demonstrate just how much power the editor/filmmaker has in representing their subject – a major challenge in the “art of the real” project will be to use this power responsibly, and represent your subject fairly. however, this is your chance to use your powers as editor for evil and have some fun twisting their words. you do not need to post this, but you should take a few minutes to show your subject what you’ve done to their original interview!

in-class writing: use the next 30 minutes or so of class time to work independently on the production segment of the production journal template. take your time, think carefully and fill out each prompt in as much detail as you can according to your own project. hopefully you’ve gotten into production already the past couple weeks, so this should be fairly easy on you! if you have any questions, shoot your hand up and i’ll be happy to help. when you’re finished, go ahead and post to your blog!

group meetings: (30 min) get together and talk about your projects per usual. share production journals. everyone should set clear goals for the upcoming week for their production. take notes of everyone’s goals, so that you can hold each other accountable next week.

screening dates: your projects are due next week in class, so just a reminder about which day you will be screening your work:

  • march 31: shannon, yuxiang, jesse, grace, mi so, fanwen, wangsoo, haley, jun, kelsey
  • april 2: kimmi, xianhao, ian, seri, saina, don, jason, tingnan, sophia, connie, yuhe


  • finish the production segment of your journal and post to your blog if you haven’t yet.
  • read “shitty first drafts” by ann lamott, available on library e-reserves.
  • start piecing the footage you have together, and post a rough draft of your project to your blog by wednesday at 11:59pm. remember, according to lamott, a first “rough” draft should be very rough – at this stage you’re only putting things down and seeing what works and what doesn’t. editing requires that you draft and re-draft multiple times until everything starts to sharpen up. but you have to start somewhere!
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