agenda :: 4/7

writing warm-up: list 5-10 beliefs that you hold to be true.  Your beliefs can range from broad philosophical thoughts such as, “nature is more important than nurture,” to more specific instances such as “cats are better than dogs.”  (take 10 minutes, think hard)

intro to module 03moving ahead to your final project – back in pre-production/brainstorming mode. you have a lot of freedom in this module to follow your ideas. there aren’t as many guidelines as long as you are following a subject you believe in and can make an argument about it, and examine your held beliefs in a critical light.

final screening dates: because these projects are a little longer and everyone deserves adequate feeback and critique, we’ll break these screenings up over two days. final projects will be screened on april 30th and may 5th, no exceptions. i hope you learned a bit about how to manage your time in module 2, this module will require you to work even quicker! here are the screening groups, assigned by alphabet once again:

  • april 30: kimmi, xianhao, ian, seri, saina, don, jason, tingnan, sophia, connie, yuhe
  • may 5: shannon, yuxiang, jesse, grace, mi so, fanwen, wangsoo, haley, jun, kelsey

(i came up with a solution to give you all a little bit more time, but you may not prefer this solution.. we can put it to a vote if you like.)

screening :: student work: damian :: daniel :: tony :: paul :: eric :: andrew :: sean :: jack :: tasha :: jin :: sung

this i believe :: audio essays: a good way to get started thinking about what beliefs will guide your final project, and what the big message is. a radio program revived by npr, featuring the written and spoken essays of celebrities and everyday people like you.

  • jackie robinson :: wayne coyne :: sarah adams :: william wisseman :: are these people trying to win an argument? i’d say no, its really more about presenting ideas and opening a dialogue about the beliefs that guide their daily lives – not so much about convincing others that they are right.

screening: this american life, “god’s close-up” (30 min)


  • write your own ‘this i believe’ essay. use the writing warm-up as a starting point. follow the criteria for a successful statement of belief: authentic voice, narrative coherence, communal relevance; and also the essay writing tipspost to your blog by wednesday at 11:59pm (we’ll have an in-class activity using them, so no excuses – do your best, and try to write directly about one belief in particular. there will be time to revise or change this statement)
  • between the writing warm-up, the ‘this i believe’ essay, and any other brainstorming you might do, come to class on thursday with three possible topics for your final project. be prepared to talk about these with the class.
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