agenda :: 4/9

writing warm-up: you and your friends are ordering a pizza tonight, but can’t agree on what toppings to put on it. write briefly about how you would likely deal with this situation.  do you argue passionately for your personal choice? do you take the role of a mediator, listening to others’ opinions? how do you come to a conclusion in which everyone is happy?


  • a few more student projects :: andrew :: sean :: jin :: michael :: edwin
  • “please vote for me” :: this is one of my favorite pieces to show, because it is pretty simple in premise but packs a punch when it comes to the argument that it creates and issue it addresses. what do you think the argument being made is regarding the nature of democracy and voting?

elevator pitches: i’m interested in hearing about what’s on your mind for the module 3 project. i asked you to come to class today with a few brief ideas about the issues or subjects you’re interested in pursuing, so let’s all take a moment to talk about these as a group. each person gets a few minutes to sum up their ideas in just a few sentences (as in the amount of time you would have in an elevator with someone).


  • readingEverything is an Argument by Andrea Lunsford and John Ruszkiewicz, available on e-reserves. create a blog post that addresses question #2 on pages 42-43. instead of writing one paragraph for each occasion as the question instructs, pick one  – either to convince, to explore, to make decisions, or to mediate/pray – and write one paragraph in as much detail as you can. (don’t worry about the in-class trading with a partner part either, just the first part about the written paragraph). post to your blog by monday at 11:59pm.
  • pre-production journal: it’s time to start planning for your module 03 project! take your written “this i believe” essay and short list of ideas and find a way to translate its content into a video piece. we’ve seen students do this very directly with their essay, and others have interpreted it much more loosely. start answering the pre-production segment of the production journal again in regards to your initial idea. remember, it is important to do this before shooting, as it helps refine your idea and the direction it will take. planning is key to a successful project, and this is meant to give you a roadmap. have some of this completed by class-time on tuesday.
  • for your listening pleasure: david foster wallace commencement speech at kenyon college, “this is water” – no assignment tied to this, but i hope you’ll listen if you’ve got a few minutes. d.f.w. makes a really interesting argument about what the value of your college education really should be. he’s a pretty notable writer who grew up in this area and died a few years back. there just happens to be a movie about his life premiering at ebertfest next week as well!
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