agenda :: 4/28

video warm-up: mind your head: the poems of henry ponder :: i found this pretty interesting – henry ponder is an obscure poet who composes mostly on twitter, sending out short, simple, sometimes funny or profound observations about the minutiae of daily life. the filmmaker here was inspired by his outlook on things and reached out to him about making a short film depicting reenactments of some of his poems. read more about their interaction and the inspiration here.

group meetings: get together with your small groups one last time to check in, share your progress, and field questions. remember that you should be ideally editing your raw material together at this time, so pay attention to the post-production aspects of video creation. does the pacing of the piece feel natural? are subtitles or other text spelled correctly? are music and other audio elements balanced?  does the piece in general make sense? are there any moments where the flow of the piece is disrupted or less polished? be picky for each other, and pay attention to the details.

workshop time: the clock is ticking on these projects – stick around to work independently editing on your computer, grab a camera and get some last-minute footage, do whatever the next item on this project’s agenda is and do it well! talk to me about your projects if you’re feeling stuck or need a little feedback on any problems you’re having. 


  • continue making progress on your project on your own. good luck, i can’t wait to see how they have turned out!
  • final project screenings will begin on thursday! hard to believe it came so quickly, but here is our schedule for the rest of the semester:
    • thursday april 30 (required attendance for all) ::  kimmi, don, connie, yuhe
    • tuesday may 5 (required attendance for all) :: shannon,  jesse, grace, fanwen, wangsoo, jun, kelsey, jason
    • thursday may 7 (optional reading day extension) :: seri, sophia, saina, xianhao, haley, mi so, tingnan, yuxiang, ian
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