agenda :: 4/30

final project screenings begin today! here’s the final schedule for screenings. as you can see, we only have a few to get through today. give these students your best possible feedback:

  • thursday april 30 (required attendance for all) ::  kimmi, connie, yuhe
  • tuesday may 5 (required attendance for all) :: don, shannon,  jesse, grace, fanwen, wangsoo, jun, kelsey, jason
  • thursday may 7 (optional reading day extension) :: seri, sophia, saina, xianhao, haley, mi so, tingnan, yuxiang, ian


  • continue working on your final projects and complete them for your due date. i’m excited to see the next round of videos on tuesday!
  • once you have shown your project to the class and gotten feedback, your last item of homework for the semester is to complete the “reflection” segment of the production journal. post to your blog when you are done. the final due date for these blog posts will be friday may 8 at 11:59 pm, so that i can get grades back during finals week
  • i will be in our usual room at the usual time to hand back final grades (calculated from your individual module grades and the master rubric) on tuesday, may 12. if you will still be on campus and want to stop by and pick up your grades and my personal feedback, you are more than welcome to! otherwise, grades will be posted in the online system and you will have to wait a bit for them to be processed.
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