Our semester is divided up into three sequential “modules”, each of which deal with different aspects of course material. These modules can be summarized as follows:

module 1 :: weeks 01-05 :: some basics
Lots of introductions: Mac laptops, electronic journals, camcorders, iMovie. Literacy, visual literacy, semiotics (remember, basic). Thinking, creating, making. Seeing, hearing, paying attention. Video as a language for expression and communication.

module 2 :: weeks 06-11 :: the art of the real
Video as a research tool: searching and exploring, hunting and gathering. The art of the interview. Making direct contact with your subject. Improvisation (being prepared, but thinking on your feet) and rehearsal (rough cuts and multiple drafts). Rehearsing effective creative video production: pre-production (reflecting, brainstorming, conceptualizing, proposals, storyboards, shot lists), production (logging raw footage, paper edits, rough cuts), and post-production (critique, analysis, more reflection, finding an audience).

module 3 :: weeks 12-16 :: this I believe
Manifestos. Credos. Self-reflection and self-knowledge. Transforming the personal into the social. Using your values as a compass to identify a subject. Engaging the world, and ideas that matter. Becoming a sophisticated media author: using everything you’ve learned about video to make a visual argument that is clear, compelling, and memorable. Becoming a sophisticated media consumer: reflecting on, and analyzing how, we read and digest media everyday.

Grading rubrics, readings, and other supplementary information can be found on the official course website.


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