Official class policies are outlined in more detail on the course website. Here are a few of my personal classroom policies:

Daily attendance in this course is mandatory, and roll will be taken every day . Your grade for each module is in part determined by your attendance and punctuality.  I take attendance at 5 minutes past our meeting time in order to allow students to arrive from other classes. If you are not present by the time I take attendance, you will be marked tardy. I allow three total absences to each student over the course of the semester. After three absences, your final grade will result in a drop of 1/2 grade point. Similarly, three late arrivals will be counted as one absence. If you miss a significant amount of time during any one module, your grade for that module may be affected as well. In situations where prolonged absence may become necessary or illness excuses your absence, I do require documentation by your emergency dean, McKinley, or other physician. Taking attendance is not my favorite aspect of teaching, but I do adhere to these policies.

Another major component of this course is active participation in class activities and discussions. Showing up to class is only half the battle here. As anyone who has been a member of an art-making community knows, discussion with others, showing work, and critique  are necessary parts of learning. Come to class prepared to talk and we’ll all get the most we can out of this course!

Laptop ettiquette: We rely on technology a lot in this class, but we want to make sure it doesn’t become distracting from our goals or isolates us from our peers. For this reason, we’ll have designated times for the computers to be used. Laptops are required for certain parts of the course, as we do a lot of in-class writing, editing, and working with media. However, when we do screenings and have class discussions, laptops must remained closed and your attention should remain with the group.

Screening Days/Due Dates:
The due dates for major video projects are listed  on the class schedule. These days are mandatory student screening days, where pre-determined groups of students will show their work and the rest will respond with polite and insightful criticism and observations.  All screening days are mandatory for all students (even if you are not showing your work on that particular day). Consider these days as you would an exam for another class – be present and ready to give it your best effort. Much like other types of exams, late projects will not be accepted.

When submitting other homework and writing, have your work completed and submitted to your blog by the specified time (typically will be 9pm the night before the next class). This courtesy allows me ample time to review your work and guide our class sessions accordingly.


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