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agenda :: 4/23

independent work:  Since you have very little time before your projects are due (and I realize how difficult it is to get so many things done at the end of the semester), today’s class time would be best spent letting you make unimpeded progress on your projects. As a result, use our class time to make progress on your project however you need. It’s a great day out there, perfect weather and sunlight for taking a camera out and shooting. Enjoy your day, be productive, and be ready to check back in with everyone on Tuesday for our last regular class meeting!
final screening schedule: now that we’ve settled on having reading day as an optional extension for final project screenings, here is what the schedule looks like. if you’d still like to show on thursday, may 7, but didn’t get a chance to add your name to my list, please email me as soon as possible to let me know your choice.
  • thursday april 30 ::  kimmi, ian, don, jason, connie, yuhe
  • tuesday may 5 :: shannon,  jesse, grace, fanwen, wangsoo, jun, kelsey
  • thursday may 7 (reading day) :: seri, sophia, saina, xianhao, haley, mi so, tingnan, yuxiang
  • follow your plan and continue production on your project. Some of you will have a very quick turnaround before screenings on April 30, so do yourselves a favor and get a head start if you haven’t already. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.
  • complete the post-production segment of the production journal template fully, and post to your blog before class on tuesday, april 28.
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