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agenda :: 4/5

screenings: don, shannon,  jesse, grace, fanwen, wangsoo, jun, kelsey, jason

ices forms: since this is our last official day together, i have to ask you to spend a few minutes filling out these forms. i appreciate your feedback about the course and love to read about what you’ve found most useful or what could be improved. thanks for your help!


  • if you haven’t shown your final project yet, i’ll plan to see you on thursday, same place and time: right here in room 106 at 2pm. if you won’t be coming in on thursday, it’s been great to have you in class and good luck during finals week!
  • just a reminder that your last item of homework for the semester is to complete the “reflection” segment of the production journal. post to your blog when you are done. the final due date for these blog posts will be friday may 8 at 11:59 pm, so that i can get grades back during finals week
  • another reminder: i will be in our usual room at the usual time to hand back final grades (calculated from your individual module grades and the master rubric) on tuesday, may 12. if you will still be on campus and want to stop by and pick up your grades and my personal feedback, you are more than welcome to! otherwise, grades will be posted in the online system and you will have to wait a bit for them to be processed.
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