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agenda :: 4/21

writing warm-up: imagine a world without computers, smartphones, any sort of the technology you use daily to entertain yourself. what would you do with your day? how would your rituals or routines change? would it be difficult for you? would it make you more or less productive?

screening: web junkie :: i saw this one recently and though you might find it interesting. it addresses the social issue of Internet addiction in a strong first-hand investigatory way.

writing response: take the next 10 to 15 minutes to free-write and respond to the piece we just watched. what do you believe is the argument this film is making? do you think the filmmakers believe these camps are a good thing or not? do you strongly agree or disagree with the way the issue is presented?

final due dates: after some rigged election results, an old-fashioned straw poll, and lively debate during class last time, i think i’ve finally settled on my solution for the due-dates debacle. we will stick with the official due dates as april 30 and may 5, because that is what is listed on class schedule and i understand many of you have already planned around these dates for to study for finals and make arrangements for other things. also, because i can’t require you to come in on you reading day, and it would feel wrong to force you to if you didn’t want the extension in the first place. if it best for you to stick with your original due date, feel free to. however, i will allow everyone to take the option of thursday may 7 (reading day) as an optional screening extension. you will still need to be present on both of the original screening days to participate in the discussion, and i just need to you sign up on the list i’m passing around the classroom. that’s as fair as i could figure it out, and hope this is agreeable to everyone.

group meetings: get together once again with your small groups and share your progress. discuss ways that you are all moving from pre-production into production, share any footage you might have, sketch out storyboards or talk through intro sequences or other segments of your project that you are able to envision. check with each other about the goals that you set last week, and set new goals for the week to come. as usual, i will be walking around to answer questions and help brainstorm if needed.


  • continue work on your final video project. you should ideally be in the heart of production right now, following a clear plan you have set in place through your pre-production and production journal responses. at this stage, you hopefully are starting to collect some footage and assemble it into a very rough cut in your editor.
  • start filling out the “post-production” segment of the production journal as you move into this phase of the project. this response will be due on your blogs by class time next tuesday, april 28. i will remind you of this again in thursday’s homework assignments.
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