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agenda :: 4/14

*production week*

video warm-up: if i die on mars: i just find this pretty interesting. would you be the kind of person who could leave earth forever to be one of the first people to live on mars? they ask even the embarrassing questions that are everyone’s minds.

discussion (15 min): “everything is an argument” by lunsford and ruszkiewicz :: because you’re meant to make an argument of some kind during your final project (no matter how subtle), this article provides a lot of different ways arguments might be structured and their various goals. think about your own project in terms of these ideas: who is your audience? is it a strong, persuasive argument or a more subtle statement of your beliefs? does it argue about the past, present or future? what is the reason or “type” of argument that you want to make according to lunsford and ruszkiewicz? how will you appeal to your audience?

  • “an argument can be any text – whether written, spoken, or visual – that expresses a point of view”
  • difference between argument and persuasion?
  • reasons for arguments: to inform (name recognition, logos, etc.), to convince, to explore (acknowledge a problem – call on reader or others to help solve it), to make decisions (choosing a major?), to meditate or pray (to change something internal or create a pause for deeper thought, stained glass windows? poetry?)
  • occasions for arguments: aristotle’s model based on time – past, present, and future. Past (debates about events that have already happened), present (arguments about contemporary values – think of sermons, graduation speeches, etc.), future (what should happen, as opposed to what has/is happening?)
  • types of arguments: arguments of fact (did something happen?), arguments of definition (what is the nature of the thing?), arguments of evaluation (what is the quality of the thing? is it good/bad?), proposal arguments (what steps should be taken?)
  • appealing to audiences: more from aristotle: pathos (emotional appeals, or appeals to the heart), ethos (ethical appeals, based on the writer’s authority or credibility), logos (logical appeals, based on reason)

inspiration box: (30 min) an important part of any creative process is the moments in between working where you get to simply look around for inspiration or reflect on what inspires you. i have a few shoeboxes at home in my work space that hold interesting items i’ve accrued over the years. i have small childhood toys, photos, handwritten notes, random junk, and all kinds of other things in these boxes. some of them were things given to me, some of them were found totally at random on the street. basically, its a collection of things that i find some kind of emotional attachment to, no matter how small. it’s just a few boxes, you won’t see me on “hoarders” anytime soon. i also have a bookmark list on my computer that i’ve been keeping for years of interesting websites and other information. the david foster wallace speech i posted last time is in there, so is this. it doesn’t have to be anything serious or heavy handed. during this part of class, work on your own for 30 minutes to create a page on your blog named “inspiration box” or something similar and begin to fill it with things you can find in your computer files, on the web, from your photos, etc. that inspire you. try to gather as much as you can today, but keep adding to this over the next few weeks.

group meetings: (20 minutes) get together with small groups near you and share your progress. discuss ways that you are all moving from pre-production into production, share items from your inspiration boxes, sketch out storyboards or talk through intro sequences or other segments of your project that you are able to envision. set goals with each other to be completed over the next few weeks, write them down, and hold each other accountable to these goals when we return.


  • if you haven’t settled on your module 3 project idea and completed your pre-production journal accordingly, please do so soon, for your benefit! i will check for pre-production journals on your blogs after wednesday at 11:59pm, so make sure you finish them up and get them posted.
  • begin production on your project in whatever way you can – record a voiceover of you written essay (or other narration), start interviewing others about your idea (even if just to gather other perspectives on your subject), or go out and start filming relevant b-roll.
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